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  • General questions

    What's the app for?

    This app scans German number plates and decodes them. In returns the cities and states where the vehicles are registered. In addition, it also estimates the distance of the vehicles, their locations (longitude, latitude, and address).

    The data can be saved and you can use this app to find your vehicle e.g. after a day trip.

    By saving your parking spots you make a virtual driver's logbook. You can use it to find easily your old travel destinations and your best parking spots.

    Why does the app not return the owner of the car?

    The app could do this, but only police or the Department of Transportation are allowed to query the owner of the car. As a private person you can only obtain these personal information during a legal procedure.


    Number plate detection

    What kind of number plates are detected?

    At the moment only German plates are detected.

    Why are there errors?

    Text recognition does not always work perfectly. It makes errors like humans, too. The bigger the plate's distance, the more difficult the recognition becomes. Thus, the bigger the distance, the more time it takes to recognize the plate. It is advisable to take close-up pictures of the vehicles (< 3m) . To avoid distortions of the text, take frontal pictures of the vehicle.


    Location detection

    Why does the app collects location information?

    The location of the device is recorded to estimate the location of the vehicle.

    Why does the displayed location deviate from my true location?

    The accuracy of GPS is limited. Smartphones are typially accurate to within 5 m radius under open sky. Near obstacles (e.g. buildings, trees, bridges) the accuracy drops because they could block or reflect the GPS signal.



    How can I contact the developer of this app?

    You can contact the developer via the app.

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