Welcome to the League of Skat-Champions!

Here you can prove that you are really smarter than the competition.

How does it work?

There is a challenge everyday. Each daily challenge comprises of 12 new games. All participants of the daily challenge get the same cards. So you can compare your results with the competition objectively.

When can I play the daily challenge?

You can play the daily challenge anytime. Thus, you only see preliminary results after you finished your daily challenge.

Where do I find the final results?

The final results are presented in this app the very next day.

Why do I have to sign up with Game Center?

This app is using Apple's service "Game Center" to store leaderboards and your player's profile securely.

Who can see my results?

It is your choice what information you share. In Game Center you can select your own unique player's name. You can also select if you share your results with other players and appear in the worldwide leaderboard.

How do I accept the daily challenge?

Close this text view and tap the flashing green play button in the bottom left corner to start the daily challenge.

Can I take a break during the daily challenge?

Sure, as long as this apps stays in the foreground and you finished your games before the daily challenge ends.

What are the rules?

International Skat rules apply, i.e. no Ramsch, double, re-double, etc.

You are not allowed to take back your played cards or replay the game.

When do I get a -10.000 points punishment?

You get this value, if you start the daily challenge and do not finish it. This prevents the distortion of the leaderboards.

Why do I get 1.000 bonus points in the weekly leaderboard?

You only get 1.000 points if you finish a daily challenge.

Where do I find the whole leaderboard?

Close this text view and tap the "1-2-3-button" beside the play button.

How do I close this text view?

Tap the dark frame surrounding this text.